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What is PWD Software Sale?

Our online store offers lifetime guarantees on every lifetime licenced software and original software product keys at up to 70% less than the regular market price. After we have received your money, we will immediately send out product keys.

To ensure authenticity, all goods are downloaded through the authorised manufacturer’s download URL and only activated using the authorised activation procedures. Technically, buying software through us is the same as buying it from the company’s official web store!

Why is it Cheap?

Only the product key will be delivered to you after purchase. Box, Manual, and CD Installer are not supplied. Who really needs those? From the official download URL we will offer with the instructions, you can easily download the most recent version of the programme and read its relevant manuals and documentations.

Are your products authentic?

We guarantee that all of the product keys we sell are authentic, functional, and unlocked. Since you downloaded the programme from its official download URL and followed its official installation instructions, you may be sure it is authentic. The programme ought to activate immediately when you provide the product key or login information, if necessary.

False product keys are fairly simple to recognise. The installation is suspect to begin with. You may run a different programme that is frequently infected with viruses or unplug from the internet before entering the product key to activate the product. An obvious indication that the programme is phoney is a simple departure from the stated installation instructions.

Uninstall and Reinstall the Products?

Our activation key offers are very affordable. With a one-time activation and setup tailored for a single computer, it provides a lifetime of use exclusively on that particular computer and operating system.

However, reinstallation is not supported; the software cannot be reinstated on the same or different system. The key is non-transferrable, ensuring its use remains tied to the original computer for its operational lifetime.


How do I purchase?

Order by hovering your mouse pointer on the product button underneath the product image. Alternatively, clicking on the product photo may receive the same pop-up.

Enter the necessary details, then click “Place Order.” An invoice with payment choices and instructions will be sent to you.

Can I purchase in bulk?

A maximum of 5 product keys per client per day can be issued. Once we have received your payment documentation, we will immediately provide you with these keys. A delivery delay of a few minutes to a few hours will result from ordering more product keys per product than 5. More than 10 product keys per order may require a 12-hour turnaround.

It is always preferable to let us know in advance if you want to make many purchases. In this manner, we can arrange your purchase in advance, give all product keys immediately after receiving payment verification, and plan accordingly.

What if I encounter a problem with my purchase?

If you purchased a product key and experienced a problem, or if you simply have a few questions, you may always write us at the supplied email address.

Shipping and Payments

What payment methods are accepted?

Our preferred payment methods are Direct bank transfer and Stripe Credit Card Payment (a fee is applicable for domestic cards: 1.75% + A$0.30, International 2.9% + A$0.30).

When can I receive the product purchased?

Purchasing using Stripe allows your order to be sent almost immediately during standard Office hours AEST. If you paid using an online transfer, or direct bank deposits, simply send us the screenshot or picture of the proof of payment so that we can issue the product key immediately.

I need a USB installer for the software I purchased.

When you purchase a product key, we will send you an instruction on how to install the product, including a download link hence, a USB installer is not necessary. However, there are people with a very slow connection that finds it difficult to download an entire operating system. There are also cases where there is no installed OS on a PC, to begin with.

You can add a USB installer with your product key by selecting the “Add USB Installer (16GB)” option. This will cost you an additional A$100. The 16GB USB drive contains the installation file of the purchased software. USB installer for operating systems such as Windows 10 is completely bootable and installable on PCs without an OS. You are free to delete the files and reuse the USB drive if not needed anymore.

I did not receive all the keys I have purchased?

As mentioned in the previous section under Purchasing, when purchasing more than 5 product keys, please allow us sufficient time to fulfil your order. Usually, it will just take less than an hour to receive your entire order. For purchases of more than 10 product keys, it might take us up to 12 hours to fulfil your order.

It is always a great idea to inform us ahead of time that you are planning to purchase in bulk to allow us to prepare our stock and fulfil your entire order instantly upon payment.


I want a Refund?

Once a product key is issued, it is not anymore refundable or exchangeable except in a very rare scenario wherein the product key was determined to be defective. A common mistake that occurs in almost all cases of a non working product key is due to an invisible space accidentally copied when the buyer copy-pasted the product key.

Example: The product key is 1111-2222-3333. The buyer will highlight the product key but mistakenly highlighted the space between “is” and “1111” thus, pasting *1111-2222-3333 where the asterisk (*) represents the copied invisible space.

However, in the extremely rare scenario that the product key is determined to be defective, you have the option to replace the product key or get a full refund as promised. Note that reporting a non-working product key is difficult to prove as the key can be validated officially.

I purchased the wrong product - Help!

If the product key was already issued, this is not anymore exchangeable for another product nor refundable. It is very important to be certain that you are purchasing the correct products before checking out. If a product key was not yet issued, Contact Us immediately. We would simply cancel your order so you can order the correct product.

USB installer I received is not working.

Do let us know if you are having problems with the USB installer. We will be happy to replace the entire USB drive free of charge if the issue is a corrupted installation file or a defective USB drive. A hardware defect and system incompatibility can also produce installation errors despite a faultless USB installer. Ensure that your motherboard is UEFI compatible and allows USB booting. Do take note that we do not offer technical support with regards to these issues. We assume that when you purchase any of our products, your system meets the minimum requirement and is running in pristine condition.

Other issues not mentioned in the FAQs.

For any other issues not touched by our FAQs section, you can always message us or email us in reply to the email you received regarding the installation instructions or our contact page.

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